Vello of Marone

on Lake Iseo

A territory rich in history, art and culture that surrounds Vello and extending along the east side of the Iseo Lake: breathtaking landscapes and enchanting views will brighten your outlook and will satisfy your spirit.

For those fond of walking and hiking, the area around Vello offers a wide range of opportunities: there are numerous marked paths of small and medium length that will take you on routes to discover places of incomparable charm, history and cultural interest, like churches and shelters, where you can get a view of Lake Iseo in all its majesty.

Characteristic of these unique paths is the Vello-Toline walk, but the possibilities are endless. There are dozens of paths that curl along the Valcamonica to Monte Adamello. There are also cycling tracks along the bank of the lake and small ports where you can rent typical boats for enticing boat tours.

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