Operating locally for over a hundred of years, the Trattoria Glisenti has an important history and has been family-managed with dedication. At the end of the nineteenth century, when the old road, which runs behind the restaurant, was the only arterial road that connected the city of Brescia to Valle Camonica and to Trentino, this location became an important crossroads for travellers. The Stallo, as the restaurant was then called, served not only as a bar and restaurant, but also as a hotel for weary travellers.

At that time, the locality of Vello, an independent district until 1927, used the branch with leaves of olive tree as the crest. That same crest was donated by the parish priest to our family as a thank you for our business activity and services provided. A place full of history and tradition, that testifies the history full of eras and people, where the family operations have been inherently linked to the social and political life of this wonderful piece of Italy.