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Restaurant Trattoria Glisenti and Bistrot Glisenti Via Provinciale, 32/34 Lake Iseo - Vello di Marone (Brescia)

The Restaurant Trattoria Glisenti can be found in the heart of the pleasant locality of Vello, directly overlooking over the calm and crystal clear waters of Lake Iseo. Near to the restaurant we also find the new Bistrot Glisenti.

The structure is closely linked to the history of the place which, with its warm and comfortable locations, has always been an important center for meetings and conviviality.

Today, our Restaurant Trattoria offers vast spaces and intimate and peaceful atmospheres; the bar, a typical corner where you can enjoy a fine selection of wines and spirits, overlooks over the large dining room with fireplace: a charming location, simple and essential, that is perfect for any occasion, from a casual dining to a wedding banquet.

The beautiful dining room has direct access to the terrace over the lake, a real paradise corner, which can accommodate up to thirty people, surrounded by a magical landscape: the lake and its many shades, the emerald mountains and the lively lights reflecting off the water, all of this creates a unique and enchanting frame.

The Bistrot Glisenti is a new structure of the Glisenti family located near to the restaurant; offers international cuisine, with sushi dishes, also revisited with lake fish, poke, tartare, focaccia and salads. Aperitifs and preparations to taste with a view of the lake or in the fireplace room with stone cladding from the 1500s in an intimate and relaxing atmosphere.

Via Provinciale, 34
Vello di Marone (Brescia)

Via Provinciale, 32
Vello di Marone (Brescia)

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