Vello extra virgin olive oil

on Lake Iseo

Among the cultures of the local tradition, the olive tree is certainly the most important one. It’s a plant that has been cultivated for centuries in the region of Lake Iseo and it has been a livelihood for the local people and economy. Today, its product has gained significant recognition in terms of quality.

Marone has become the nationally recognised city of oil, followed by the other towns around Lake Iseo.
The oil used for our recipes is local. Specifically, it is from Vello, a small area in pleasant and sunny Marone, well suited to the production of this fine local product.

The olive trees are located on the mountains, not accessible by car to make the cultivation easier. The cultivation is the product of the strength and will of the local men and women.

The olive harvest is undertaken by hand, without the aid of mechanical means such as the peeling from the leaves, which is still completed by women in the evening, as in the location tradition.
At the table you will have the chance to taste this extra virgin olive oil and if you wish, purchase it and take it with you…

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